Direct Superior Approach Pioneer Travels to Japan

In August 2019, Dr Douglas Roger met with distinguished surgeons across Japan and shed light on his orthopedic surgical technique, the Direct Superior Approach (DSA). The tour, which took place between August 19th and August 23rd, gave surgeons the opportunity to observe Dr Roger’s technique in action and discuss the procedure in more detail.

The Trip
After meeting with leading surgeons from many hospitals across Japan, including Aichi, Fukushima, and Osaka, Dr Roger concluded his trip with a presentation on the origins of the Direct Superior Approach for Hip Replacement at the Mariotte Miyako Hotel in Osaka. This was an opportunity for the surgeons to learn from each other and receive immediate answers to any questions they had about the DSA procedure.

During the trip, Dr Roger assisted surgeons with the technicalities of DSA giving them first hand instruction in the surgical room which accelerated their proficiency. Having the opportunity to question and work with Dr Roger directly helped them immensely.

There is no substitute for such hands-on, interactive learning, and all the participants agreed that they’re looking forward to similar opportunities in the future. For these surgeons, the motivation for implementing DSA is at an all-time high.

Hip Replacement Surgery and DSA
Dr Roger is committed to implementing minimally invasive alternatives to traditional hip replacement surgery. The DSA is a relatively straightforward procedure that involves a single incision on the outside of the hip. Dr Roger’s surgical technique allows patients to recover faster with minimal blood loss and without the need for numerous sutures and staples.

Overall, the trip was very inspiring, and Dr Roger looks forward to hearing more about how successfully his colleagues can implement DSA throughout their own hospitals.

About Dr. Roger 
Dr Roger is a nationally-renowned orthopedic surgeon at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, California. He is passionate about developing less invasive surgical techniques to improve patients’ quality of life and to reduce the risk of operative complications. With a successful career spanning more than three decades, Dr Roger is best known for pioneering the revolutionary Direct Superior Approach to hip replacement surgery and teaching this technique around the world. His advancements have improved the lives of thousands of patients.