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Joint replacement is a field of continual innovation, and new technologies mean safer, more comfortable replacement surgeries for more patients. The Direct Superior Approach to hip replacement is a new, minimally invasive technique that gets patients back to their normal activities faster than ever before.

As the program director for the Disease Specific Certification by the Joint Commission for hip replacement and knee replacement surgery at Desert Regional Medical Center, Dr. Douglas Roger is pleased to offer the Direct Superior Hip Replacement approach to his patients. This technique requires a single incision and allows the doctor to perform the surgery without detaching the muscles and with minimal soft tissue damage. Less damage means a shorter, more comfortable recovery time and patients who are able to resume their favorite activities sooner.

The Direct Superior approach also offers the following benefits:
  • One incision. The natural alignment of the hip is preserved, and muscles and tendons are left undamaged. There are no sutures or staples to care for after surgery.
  • Less leg manipulation. This means less soft tissue damage and less pain after the procedure.
  • Less blood loss. When compared to a traditional hip replacement surgery, the Direct Superior approach patients have less blood loss.
  • Outpatient surgery. Many patients can return home after a single night stay in the hospital. Some even go home the same day.
  • Greater comfort. Most patients can return to their regular activities much faster and require less pain medication.
  • Fewer dislocations. Accurate positioning using this procedure means a stronger, longer lasting hip replacement with fewer post-operation hip dislocations.

Leader of Innovation

Dr. Roger pioneered the Direct Superior Hip Replacement. In developing the approach, he collaborated with a team of surgeons and engineers to design and patent the custom tools and instruments that make this procedure possible. His goal with every procedure is to disturb as few of the important structures as possible. The result is a more stable hip with virtually no dislocation.

Dr. Roger has been performing this procedure exclusively for the last five years. He has completed more than 600 successful hip replacements with this minimally-invasive approach. As a leading authority on the Direct Superior Approach for hip replacement surgery, Dr. Roger also teaches this technique to surgeons across the country.

What to Expect

Dr. Roger begins the surgery with a single incision on the outside of the hip. This allows for less soft tissue damage and no sutures or staples to care for after the surgery. It allows the doctor to access the area that is needed to perform the replacement by separating the fibers of the gluteus maximus instead of damaging muscles and detaching tendons. When the replacement is complete, Dr. Roger will carefully repair and close the incision to facilitate a rapid recovery.

Patients have very few post-surgical limitations, and many of Dr. Roger’s patients are up and walking within four hours! Because the procedure leaves the muscles and tendons intact, there is less pain during recovery. For most of Dr. Roger’s patients, minimal pain management is necessary to achieve optimal comfort. Without the necessity of narcotics, patients can recover more quickly and get back to their regular activities faster and with less discomfort.

Physical rehabilitation is a critical part of a successful recovery from any type of hip replacement surgery. Because Dr. Roger’s patients are able to begin moving almost immediately, they can begin working with a physical therapist right away. The therapist will plan a personalized recovery and exercise plan that will help each patient develop a healthy range of motion and increased muscle strength following the surgery.