(PALM SPRINGS) – Dr. Martin Benoit was a recent visitor to the operating room of Dr. Douglas J. Roger, where he had the opportunity to witness minimally invasive Direct Superior Approach for hip and knee replacement.

On May 23, Dr. Benoit observed Dr. Roger – a pioneer in the Direct Superior Approach and arguably the nation’s finest — performing minimally invasive hip replacement and minimally invasive knee replacement surgery at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs.

One of the most prolific reconstructive surgeons in the country, Dr. Benoit began his career in the Montreal area in the province of Quebec, Canada in 1996, where he practiced for four years. He and his family then moved to Minnesota where he practiced until 2008.

Since 2008, Dr. Benoit has practiced in the northwest part of Phoenix. He works in Sun City, Sun City West and Peoria. Many patients from Canada and from the Midwest consult Dr. Benoit and undergo joint replacements in Arizona during the winter months.

Orthopedic conferences play a major role in Dr. Benoit’s practice, where he utilizes the latest advances in his field of expertise — joint arthroplasty surgery. This led him right to Dr. Roger’s operating room.

For more information on how Dr. Roger can bring you immediate solutions in the treatment of a varkiety of orthopedic conditions, including hip replacement, knee replacement, joint replacement or arthritis, contact the Institute of Clinical Orthodics and Neuroscience at Desert Regional Medical Center at 760.416.4511.