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I am confident that I made the best decision selecting Dr. Roger to perform my total knee replacement surgery. The care prior, during, and after the procedure, by he and his staff, was exemplary. I am now 3 months post-op and pleased with my progress. I have begun to return to my active lifestyle, including swimming, walking, and biking. Thank you!

Wanda Bogin

Dr. Roger is my new superhero! Only three weeks post-op with bilateral hip surgery, and I can walk without the assistance of my walker. This is just in time for my 25th wedding anniversary, which is tomorrow. I haven’t needed pain medication since my 24 hour stay at Desert Regional. On the orthopedic unit I received professional, loving, encouraging care by the staff. Dr. Roger was also so validating before my surgery as he patiently answered all 20 questions I had prepared for him. I asked about everythng! On my return home, I found I could easily call his office staff for reassurance or any immediate conerns that I had about my health, bandages, or medicines. They were always available to me. I am truly grateful and lucky that I selected Dr. Roger as my surgeon. He’s my hero for repairing my badly eroded hip joints as a past prima ballerina, where movement is my life, snd my passion. It was tremendously important for me to have a great outcome and to find the best doctor for my situation. Thanks to Dr. Roger I see and feel my life finally coming back. Its been a blessing for me to find a brillant, progressive physician, and a man whom I felt has given me his valuable time and care and respect.

Catherine Demonchaux-Botwin

Dr. Douglas Roger Is my saviour and Hero! I had a serious fall in Palm Springs and broke my ankle Better still I blew the whole Ankle. . Being Canadian With no medical coverage in the US no one would attempt to help me let alone do surgery, stating that I may not walk on that foot properly again…. <span class="text_exposed_show">Not only did Dr. Roger see me but scheduled me for surgery immediately on my Left ankle. .. got to the OR and last thing I remembered was Dr. Roger saying OK let’s get that Right foot ready…… Love his humour … Douglas Roger didn’t talk about how I will pay for this all he cared about is saving my foot. Today I’m back in Canada walking and even occasionally wearing high heels shoes.. Had an ex ray of my ankle done here and everyone asked me who did the surgery, because they have never seen such Great work here in Canada. </span><span class="text_exposed_show">PROUDLY I said MY HERO DR. DOUGLAS ROGER…. THANK-YOU DR. ROGER for being a TRUE DOCTOR. </span>

Erena Donovan

Dr. Roger is a brilliant and amazing surgeon!

Laura Clark Caton

Very impressive Surgeon. Extremely attentive with a great bed-side manner. Though his schedule is a long wait for surgery, I will most likely endure the pain in order to have Dr. Rogers do the surgery.

Robert Yates

Recovering from first of two replacements. What a great doctor, surgical team and hospital staff. I’m walking.

Robin Ratajczak Rickert

Thank you dr. For the miracle he did in my knee God bless you always.. I’m still surprised by the result I saw another day of my surgery.. and with the days I’m still surprised. For me you are the best in the world..

Guera De Merchand Rosas

He’s an excellent doctor. He performed my husband surgery last September. All I have to say about him is I totally trust him. Thank you soooo much for everything you did for us Dr Roger.

Emerita Jimenez-Marquez

Thanks Dr. Roger for the new hip it’s fabulous! Great fantastic surgeon! My other hip needs replacing, but your not on my insurance plan. I’m heartbroken! Donna J Houser,

Donna J Houser